We hear every day that teachers want a formative assessment product that mimics their state summative assessment with the same interface, item types, and standards alignment, but with immediate and actionable results in their classroom or district throughout the year.

With AIR Ways, there’s no need to “mimic” the state assessment system, because we use the same industry-leading platform to deliver your AIR Ways benchmark and interim assessments that we use on every state summative assessment we deliver. To put that into perspective, AIR delivered over 52,000,000 online assessments last year with one out of every three students in the US taking an online assessment on our platform.

In addition to platform, you also get our machine scored, pre-made benchmark and interim assessments aligned to the CCSS giving you immediate and actionable results. It’s Easy…..

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Accessibility is a cornerstone of all AIR assessments. By utilizing our industry-leading online delivery platform, AIR ensures availability of our assessments to the widest range of student abilities. Here are some of the key tools and accessibility features of all AIR Ways Assessments:

  • Text-to-Speech
  • Line reader
  • Masking
  • Notes
  • Periodic table/calculator, ruler etc. as needed
  • Color contrast
  • Zoom
  • Expandable passages and items
  • Highlighter
  • Mark for review
  • Item recovery
  • Strikethrough
  • Ability to use almost any accessibility tool that a student generally uses (Permissive mode)
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All AIRWays Assessment items and Benchmark Assessments are aligned to the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) in ELA & Math and cover 100% of the CCSS.

Pre-made Benchmarks available in Grades 3-8 and High School that are designed to be completed within one class period. Teachers can review and select pre-made benchmark assessments in grades 3 through 8 and high school.

How many pre-made assessments and interims are in AIRWays and how many items are included in each assessment? The chart below indicates the number of AIRWays benchmark assessments per grade / subject available in AIRWays. The Math and Reading benchmark assessments range from 6-24 items per test and the Writing benchmarks have about 6 items per assessment and include one essay question per assessment. In addition to the benchmark assessments, there is one longer interim assessment per grade in Math and Reading. These interim assessments are adaptive tests that contain about 45 items each and should be able to be administered twice without item repeat.

Number of Benchmarks
Grade Math Reading Writing
3 11 7 4
4 12 7 4
5 12 7 4
6 10 9 4
7 13 8 4
8 10 7 4
9 N/A 7 4
10 N/A 8 4
11 N/A 7 4
Alegebra/Geometry 25 N/A N/A
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AIR Ways Assessments are delivered online and machine scored instantly, so results are available as soon as the students have completed and submitted their assessments.

AIR Ways Assessment results are available for teachers, building level curriculum specialists, principals, and district users, immediately after the assessments are completed and according to how YOU define the system roles.

Starting with clear class, school, or district level summaries of Benchmark results, users can navigate intuitively through AIR Ways Reporting to find the answers they need. Our interface design encourages users to think about the substantive, educational questions to which they need answers and access information from that perspective.

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